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I have so many different art styles, it's not even funny.
:iconzeniriri::iconsaysplz: Imprtant info for watchers! deviant-shadow-link.deviantart… 💜💙💚❤️💝

-Emoji King
-junior Kekmaster
-Dank memes
-Autum Weather
-Stop it with the FriskxSans
-I draw more than you think
-but that's not what I'm here for
-My mommy is Vaati
-no I'm not obsessed with her
-Vaati abandoned me(people are telling me that I killed him... I don't know if that's true)
-Ganon is ded
-Zelda is a lazy bench
-twelve years old
-fourteen years old
-no age
-omae wa... mo shindireu


Vaati by Vinsent31 Vaati :iconvinsent31:Vinsent31 9 9 Shadow Link Scetch by Vinsent31 Shadow Link Scetch :iconvinsent31:Vinsent31 8 17 princesses and parfait by ninpeachlover princesses and parfait :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 176 80 Well this is awkward by ninpeachlover Well this is awkward :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 98 61 Evil Squid Sisters by ninpeachlover Evil Squid Sisters :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 119 47 My Top Seven Favorite Ponies! by 4swords4ever My Top Seven Favorite Ponies! :icon4swords4ever:4swords4ever 17 10 Toon Link Pixel Shoot Icon by HaroPetCreatorLT Toon Link Pixel Shoot Icon :iconharopetcreatorlt:HaroPetCreatorLT 12 5 Toon Link Pixel Arrow Hit by HaroPetCreatorLT Toon Link Pixel Arrow Hit :iconharopetcreatorlt:HaroPetCreatorLT 5 0 [Undertale] Designs: The Power of NEOs by MayJasmine [Undertale] Designs: The Power of NEOs :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 29 6 Commish: Unfavorable Choice by SaccharoKirby Commish: Unfavorable Choice :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 141 8 Spike and Twi by CTB-36 Spike and Twi :iconctb-36:CTB-36 1,522 71 Blababa's Concept Sheet by SailorVelvet Blababa's Concept Sheet :iconsailorvelvet:SailorVelvet 8 8
Art Theft
There's a deviant going around and stealing, selling Gengargamer64 and their friends' art. Help put a stop to this moron by reporting him to death.
:iconharopetcreatorlt:HaroPetCreatorLT 1 11
He Kissed Her!! by 4swords4ever He Kissed Her!! :icon4swords4ever:4swords4ever 3 1 peach portrait by ninpeachlover peach portrait :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 122 36 like a fairytale by ninpeachlover like a fairytale :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 216 53


-w- mini comic Wip but it's Vaati the grape thing

Filename by Deviant-Shadow-Link
*Googles how to delete status updates in the app* >:v
((Notice: Pretty soon this account will get a revamp. Any previous deviations made will be stored, and the profile page will be fixed up. If you have suggestions, comment here or send a note regarding this status post.
I am also thinking about making a new avatar and profile ID image, so if you have any ideas, please tell me :> ))
So, after months of admin having the iPad taken away (great job, idiot), I now am returned, and with restrictions. I hate humans.
((I was thinking about making this an ask account altogether. Thing is, I'm finally getting used to Tumblr. Yey. And so now I really wanna see if I can do an ask account along with my journaling blog. :/ full on ask account a yes or no go? Suggestions?))
Alright everyone. I'm going to be logged off for a while. Don't worry, nothing is wrong. If you want to see more of me, or of admin, go to Starah-Sane 's account. She has just came out of her hiatus.


Deviant-Shadow-Link's Profile Picture
Vaati's Precious Mistake
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
My previous ID was made by :iconsailorvelvet:! Her art is golden. Here's a link to it:



A little( or a lot) about me:
Nicknames: Shadow, SL, Avie, whatever the frik glitchbendrowned decides to call me
Age(years):I dunno?? 12??
Height: 4"9' (why do ya wanna know??)
Where I live: in a comfortable house BY MYSELF
Interest: drawn, readin, music, gamen, spammen, talken
Dislike: Annoying people, hypocrites, bullies, most vegetables, soup, fangirls, stepping out of my comfort zone
Birthday: ....uh.. April? None?
Relationship status: Why does it matter? I'm single <_<
Sexual orientation: im str8 m8
Weakness: cats.Oh, and I guess bright light too. But I mean. Like on sunny days I just want to stay inside and sleep. But like sometimes I'll be out there. Maybe doin some backflips or somethin. I dunno. I also love cats.
I AM NOT AMUSED BY: your fangirliness
NO, I DO NOT: Love Vio. He is my friend, but ew. | Love Link. Ew. | Do things an emo person does. I'm not emo. Not even close. | Like soup. Ew. Maybe ramen, but that is the only thing I like in hot flavored water. | Know who Elne is. Why do people ask me that? | Like Creepypasta. I used to, and I used to be in the fandom, but ever since I got closer to Red... Just no. Maybe here and there I will say your fanart cool or not. | Like Tumblr. Who do I know who uses it? Zero people. | Like salad. | Like grapes.theyre just not suited for my tastes.. ya like strawbery?? | Celebrate Christmas. What's that?

I used to be a Miiverse user. As a former Miiverse user, I have made countless drawings, and attended many roleplays. I had a great beloved family, too. My daddy was Vaati, my mommy Zelda, and my siblings Red Link, Maneki, and Young Link.
...Now I'm an orphan. Zelda's admin got me PERMA BANNED on Miiverse... Curse you, Michelle...

Really great friend and is a really awesome person to be around and draws [and is] way too cute to for me (The way too innocent Dancer!) 4swords4ever
Coolest person I know who uses Walfas to make cool comic strips and makes really nice art(The not so innocent Jimenacakes...): SailorVelvet
This is 404 FORBIDDEN ZeniRiri (Admin's account)

Shadow Link Page Doll -Version 2- by HaroPetCreatorLT
Some guys think I'm pretty badass, and wish they were me. The girls just use me for their dreamy desires.


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SailorVelvet Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
According to all known laws
of aviation,

there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.
(1 Reply)
4swords4ever Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I redrew an old classic.

Shadow Just Wanted Acceptance
(1 Reply)
4swords4ever Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, pal, I don't know when you'll be active... again, but when you come back, please talk to me more often*. I miss you... :( Huggle!

*Sorry if that sounded attention-seek-y or annoying or something...
(1 Reply)
4swords4ever Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Shadow! I found your clones/cousins from another universe!

(Long story short (I guess), I have a third Four Swords AU. It's the reverse world of Hyrule where Shadow is the hero who splits into four, Shadie is the princess he has to rescue and Link is the villain. When Shadow (you) splits into four, his clones have similar-ish personalities to Red, Blue and Vio, and their tunic colors are the same red, blue and purple tunics, but inverted (If you have some kind of device that can invert the colors and some pictures of the Links, invert your device and you'll see what I mean!). So, Red's counterpart, Aqua, is very timid and hardly ever talks. He's basically the male Marble Pie (assuming you haven't seen her yet, look her up!). Yellow, Blue's counterpart, is, I guess, pouty, huffy and the "So-Done-With-Everything" type. Green (Yes, that's what you get when you invert purple), Vio's counterpart, is a lot like him, but much more reserved. It's EXTREMELY rare if he smiles. In my modern-ish AU, Aqua, Yellow and Green (nicknamed Leif to avoid confusion between the two Greens) are Shadow's cousins. What do you think?)
(1 Reply)
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