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Vio, Please.... :iconherobrinerocks727:herobrinerocks727 4 0
So I made up a challenge...
For the month of Feburary, I plan to draw 28 of my favorite pairings for each day. I call this "The Valentine's Month Challenge". Ugh, unfortunately, life and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer are taking/have taken up a bunch of my time, so I might be a bit late with some of drawings. (Yes, I'm not drawing one each day. I'm trying to draw them all at once) Apparently I'm not as motivated with my own challenge as I was with the 30 Day :icondoubledplz: X :iconnazzplz: OTP Challenge. But I'll try to get stuff done! Oh, if anyone of my watchers (or anyone who stumbles across this for that matter) wants to take this challenge, you can, but I haven't exactly made this official. But for 28 days a pairing?! You gotta be a big shipper! Oh, and on March 1st (or anytime you run out of pairings), we post a collage of all the pairings we drew in the order they were drawn in. And you can draw them in order from your most favorite to an okay pairing or you can randomize them, whatever. Me
:icon4swords4ever:4swords4ever 3 11
Jahna (1) :iconherobrinerocks727:herobrinerocks727 6 0
ACID tears :Undertale: Ch.8
Chapter 8: Ghosts' Day Out?

“we'll finish this by today or tomorrow. why don't you two chill out for a while?”
Sans talked to the robot and the ghost as he tested the movement of the legs. They seemed to be functional, but they stumbled every now and then, much to Sans' slight dismay.
“i knew i had to work on that balance.” said Sans as he scratched his head.
“It looks good so far, though.” said Madsta as they flew around the legs and examined it closely. “Man, I'm gonna have some sexy legs.”
Napstablook giggled at this as he looked at the legs as well. “Well... Doctor DOES design some pretty great legs.”
“Yeah, your legs look GREAT.” said Madsta as they floated around Napstablook and stared at his legs; much to the discomfort of the latter. “Oops. Sorry.”
Madsta awkwardly turned away and then just stayed by Napstablook's side. They stared at Alphys worki
:iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 25 16
[Undertale] Robo cleaner 3000! :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 74 18 [Undertale] Mai Spaceblook :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 28 5 [Undertale] Would you smooooch a ghost? :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 131 67 [Undertale] Robo Ghosts :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 96 22 [Undertale] Acid Tears :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 60 23 [Undertale] Mettaton feat. Napstabot :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 153 23 WHERE IS BLOOKY?? :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 137 25 [Undertale] You are Not Horrible. :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 49 10 [Undertale] Spooks! :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 47 14 [Undertale] You are Not a Failure... :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 53 6 [Undertale] Napstabot :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 104 23 NINTENDO: CIVIL WAR (MARIO) :iconchrislt83:chrislt83 8 0


SOOOO... Can I change my user now? I reeeeaaalllly want to be ShadowLinkIsHighOnSugar.
Lonely.... I'm so lonely... I have no Bluey... I'm on my own...

I'm so into Undertale but I don't know who Shyren is. Are they an actual character or somone's oc, idek.
*looks at my friends list*
... All these Vaatis and she still won't blow me.
Happy new year, munchkins and doughnuts! We will not talk about 2016 unless it's about memes... And hopefully this year will be better than the last!
Today is the last day to ask questions, so feel free to ask me anything. perferably you can get ideas from the examples of ideas listed on my profile...
I'm actually closing them after the last ask is posted, so if you saw this too laste, I will think about acceptions. I actually don't know where I put my stylus pen, so things might be delayed.
  • Listening to: I have my headphones on, does that count?
  • Reading: News articles about the same thing that happened
  • Watching: Undertale dubs or anime crack videos whichever one
  • Playing: Games
  • Eating: Pasteles
  • Drinking: Juice


Deviant-Shadow-Link's Profile Picture
Vaati's Precious Mistake
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My previous ID was made by :iconsailorvelvet:! Her art is golden. Here's a link to it:



I'm on iFunny as ShadowLinkHelpsUndertale-- follow me!

A little( or a lot) about me:

((Personality: is that of the Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Plus manga. Age:Unknown, but feels to be either 12 or 14.))

Nicknames: Shadow, SL, Avie, whatever the frik glitchbendrowned decides to call me
Age(years): biologically 12, mentally 14
Height: 4 ft. 7 IMNOSHORTY.
Where I live: in a confortAble house BY MYSELF
Interest: drawn, writen, readin, music, gamen.
Dislike: Annoying people, hypocrites, bullies, most vegetables, soup, fangirls, stepping out of my comfort zone
Birthday: April 2, this means I'm ARIES, BETCH
Relationship status: single
Sexual orientation: im str8 m8
Weakness: cats.
Oh, and I guess bright light too.
But I mean. Like on sunny days I just want to stay inside and sleep. But like sometimes I'll be out there. Maybe doin some backflips or somethin. I dunno.
I also love cats.
I AM NOT AMUSED BY: your fangirliness
NO, I DO NOT: Love Vio. He is my friend, but ew. | Love Link. Wtf? | Do things an emo person does. I'm not emo. Not even close. | Like soup. Ew. Maybe ramen, but that is the only thing I like in hot flavored water. | Know who Elne is. Why do people ask me that? | Like Creepypasta. I used to, and I used to be in the fandom, but ever since I got closer to Red... Just no. Maybe here and there I will say your fanart cool or not. | Like Tumblr. Who do I know who uses it? Zero people. | Like roller coasters. I almost died on one. Also the Buzzsaw, and the Thunderbolt. You may see me on the Scrambler or that boat ride in the kids' section (which actually is like a big-kids ride) or on the adult tea cups. I like to spin around, so what? | Like salad. | Like purple grapes. They're gross. But I like white grapes. They're delicious. So is white grape juice. | Celebrate Christmas. What's that?

I used to be a Miiverse user. As a former Miiverse user, I have made countless drawings, and attended many roleplays. I had a great beloved family, too. My daddy was Vaati, my mommy Zelda, and my siblings Red Link, Maneki, and Young Link.
...Now I'm an orphan. Zelda's admin got me PERMA BANNED on Miiverse... Curse you, Michelle...

Really great friend and is a really awesome person to be around and draws way too cute to for me :3 (Dancer) :icon4swords4ever:
Coolest person I know who uses Walfas to make cool comic strips and makes really nice art(The not so innocent Jimena): :iconsailorvelvet:
This is 404 FORBIDDEN :iconstarah-sane:

I'm only biologically 12 and mentally 14i(Did I stutter?)!: deviant-shadow-link.deviantart…
Look at the comments lol…
Don't ever trust Blue with paint. deviant-shadow-link.deviantart…

<da:embed profile="youtube" id=">

I don't care if the stamps look girly, they WERE made by girls after all. .-.
April Child by delusional-dreams Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317 Hylian Swag by Magica-28

vv I adopted these adorable things vv
Javian, a red blob
Click Me!
Ami, wolf angel
Click Me!
Click Me!
Aqua, an Eevee
Click Me!

Some marshmallow Kitties
Click Me!
Click Me!
Click Me!
Click Me!
Click Me!
Click Me!
Click Me!
Click Me!

Click Me!


:iconpurple-fplz::iconpurple-tplz::iconpurple-wplz: Shadow Link Page Doll -Version 2- by HaroPetCreatorLT
Some guys think I'm pretty badass, and wish they were me. The girls just use me for their dreamy desires.


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